Albany Mall is private property and Albany Mall Management reserves the right to determine and enforce appropriate behavior for the shopping center.

The following behavior has been deemed inappropriate:

  1. Engaging in any act, activity or behavior on shopping center property which is illegal and/or in violation of any statute, law, or ordinance.

  2. Any form of solicitation, unauthorized sales of products or services, distribution of handbills or advertising or promotional materials of any kind, offering samples or items available for sale or in exchange for a donation or contribution, without prior written consent from Albany Mall Management.

  3. The use of obscene language, obscene gestures, and racial, religious or ethnic slurs including those displayed on t-shirts or other articles of clothing. Wearing of clothing or lack of clothing which is considered offensive or in conflict with community standards of decency. Shoes and a shirt are required.

  4. Running, skating, skateboarding, horseplay or any boisterous behavior which may create a safety hazard or otherwise be disruptive to the shopping enjoyment of other customers.

  5. Carrying or displaying weapons of any kind except those carried by certified law enforcement officers in the performance of their duties.

  6. Being intoxicated and/or possessing or being under the influence of illegal drugs. Possessing or consuming alcohol anywhere except inside businesses licensed to sell alcoholic beverages.

  7. Defacing, damaging, destroying or removing any property that is part of or located in or on the mall property. Sitting or standing on planters, walls, inside fountains or other items not intended for such purpose, or any other improper use of mall amenities.

  8. Assembling, congregating, loitering or gathering that disrupts the intended business use of the shopping center. Impeding or hindering the normal flow of customer traffic within the common areas of the mall, into and out of stores, entrances and exits, including use of customer entrances for smoking, including e-cigarettes. Albany Mall is a smoke-free and vapor free environment. Smoking is not permitted inside the building or within 25 feet of entrances.

  9. Overnight parking, parking in non-designated parking areas, parking in fire lanes, erratic or careless driving, excessive speed in parking lot and drive lanes, or use of a vehicle in a manner inconsistent with shopping center traffic markings or signage. Parking violators may be subject to towing at the vehicle owner’s expense.

  10. Bringing animals on mall property with the exception of trained service animals, and those animals going to or from pet store or involved in a center sponsored event.

This list is not all inclusive and may be modified as necessary by Albany Mall Management.

Failure to adhere to the code of conduct may result in expulsion from the property in addition to other legal remedies that Albany Mall Management may chose to exercise.

Your cooperation is appreciated ~
Albany Mall Management